Sellers Guide

If you’re looking for a Daniel Island-based team of sales associates who will help you sell your island property quickly, effectively and efficiently, consider the following:

Experience, Focus & Expertise:

  • Daniel Island Real Estate sold the first home on Daniel Island in 1996 and we have remained the market leader ever since, participating in nearly 3,000 property transactions.
  • Daniel Island Real Estate sales associates work full-time selling only Daniel Island property – there are no competing interests for property in other areas of Charleston.
  • All members of the Daniel Island Real Estate team rank among the top 1% of REALTORS in the area in terms of achievement, industry knowledge and strict adherence to the REALTORS Code of Ethics.
  • Daniel Island Real Estate sales associates benefit from direct access to valuable information about Daniel Island that can aid in the sale of your home.
  • Daniel Island Real Estate sales associates receive regular sales training to enhance their selling skills and are backed by professionally-trained support staff who assist with every aspect of the sales process.
  • The attractive $3 million Daniel Island Real Estate sales office is the only sales office on the island. Complete with the resources and tools to deliver a memorable lifestyle and product message, it is the first stop for visitors searching for real estate information.

Broad-Reaching Marketing Support:

  • With an annual marketing budget that exceeds $1.5 million, Daniel Island Real Estate has the marketing power to bring both national and local buyers to Daniel Island and your property.
  • Daniel Island’s national print advertising campaigns are effective and prominent, and have proven to produce buyers.
  • Daniel Island Real Estate listings are fed to top real estate search websites like Zillow and to ensure they receive maximum exposure online.
  • Advanced targeting technologies serve up Daniel Island banner ads to a comprehensive selection of websites targeted specifically to the Daniel Island buyer demographic.
  • Daniel Island’s interactive marketing specialists engage in aggressive search engine marketing initiatives that produce top results for popular searches like “Daniel Island,” “Daniel Island Real Estate” and “Charleston Real Estate” on Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  • Local print advertisements and prominent billboards drive traffic directly to the Daniel Island Real Estate sales center.
  • Daniel Island Real Estate’s television commercials run locally and nationally during key periods throughout the year, such as during the week of the Family Circle Cup.
  • Daniel Island Real Estate sales associates attend professional real estate shows and private receptions in key markets to meet face-to-face with potential buyers.

Questions to Consider When Selecting a Partner to Help Sell Your Property:

  • How long as the company (or agent) been in residential real estate sales? Is it a full-time job or part-time vocation?
  • Does the company have an on-island presence as a way to intercept interested visitors to the island?
  • Is the agent knowledgable about Daniel Island, its amenities, lifestyle, protective community covenants and governance, and other unique selling points? Can they express that information accurately and in a manner that adds perceived value to your property?
  • How many Daniel Island properties did the agent and brokerage company sell during the last 12 months?
  • What will the agent and/or brokerage company do to generate buyers for your Daniel Island property? Can they outline specific marketing strategies?
  • Does the agent have an understanding of what’s currently working to generate inquiries and buyers? Does the agent know where buyers are coming from?
  • How deep and knowledgable are the team resources and support network behind the agent? What supervision does the agent have?
  • Will the agent provide the contact information for you to speak with their most recent clients?


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